Are Guinea Pigs Loud At Night? Types Of Noises They Make!

It’s a question that many aspiring guinea pig owners worldwide grapple with every time. Are guinea pigs loud at night? 

The answer is relatively straightforward.

No, guinea pigs aren’t loud at night, especially the adults. They are super quiet, but they can communicate amongst themselves sometimes. 

They mainly wake up to drink water and munch on food, which might be noisy for some.

Do guinea pigs make noise at night? 

Getting an adult Guinea Pig is recommended, as these are less noisy. Your Guinea pig will wake up to drink water and munch on treats

So the loud noise you might hear could be the water bottle or the treats, making you wonder why do Guinea pigs eat so much?

Why does my Guinea Pig scream at night?

Some Guinea pigs tend to squeal from time to time when they need some attention from you or are in pain. 

Or, if you have two, it could be one Guinea pig stealing a treat, so it is a way to communicate to stop it.

So it is important to be attentive to your Guinea Pig because the squeal is their communication method.

So, Are Guinea Pigs loud at night?

How much of a nuisance could they be?

Guinea pigs are dashing and mushy, and their innocence captures many people during their initial sighting.

But, if you plan on adopting a guinea pig into your household, you must be wondering how much of a nocturnal nuisance these pets are.

The following writing will provide in-depth insight into these challenging questions for pet owners.

Despite them not being chaotic, these adorable rodents are very social and talk with each other a lot.

Unfortunately, their noises can be irritating and disturbing, especially if their cage is near your bedroom.

These sweet creatures can be scary for individuals with limited patience, but the solution is simply relocating their cage.

Guinea pigs can be noisy, and loneliness can prove to be fatal.

The sounds they emanate aren’t overly loud but are squeaky enough to affect your sleep.

A common reason for the noise is hunger or discontent with their food.

Unfortunately, some owners with limited knowledge of guinea pigs’ dietary requirements can offer the wrong food.

Like can Guinea Pigs eat strawberries?

 It would help if you strived to understand how piggies communicate and the meaning of sounds they produce before attempting to resolve the situation.

Types of nocturnal sounds made by guinea pigs

Most guinea pig owners make minimal effort to figure out the type of sounds their pets cause.

They are never aware when their pet is stressed or elated. Sometimes, they could be hungry and make small screechy sounds. 

The following are some of the everyday noises that guinea pigs make at night:


It is a low-pitched sound with some vibration. If you own a single piggy, you won’t ever hear this sound.

The male guinea pig produces this sound when he’s in the mood for mating and is attempting to lure a female partner.

The male wiggles its hips and strolls around the female guinea pig, which is very funny to observe.

It is at this moment produces a sound known as rumbling, and the movement is referred to as a rumbling strut.

If the female is interested in mating, it reciprocates the sound.


This sound is similar to the roofing noises made by dogs. Generally, they produce these sounds when they are starving.

Therefore, if you usually feed your guinea pigs at fixed times, they will wheek at this time if their meal is late.

Suppose they see you approaching with a bowl of their food and the piggies wheek due to sheer excitement.

When guinea pigs resided in the wild, they never made this sound.

However, after domestication, they have evolved this sound to communicate with their human handlers.


A growl is the sound made by guinea pigs when they are distressed or are feeling pain.

Furthermore, they make this sound out of fear, maybe something strange coming towards them or in a new environment. 

In some instances, the growling sound is directed towards another piggy.

Or they feel a little threatened when the dog approaches the cage (if you have one).

The reason can be food or the need to go outside their cage.

Either way, it’s good to figure out why they made the sound also, find out do dogs and guinea pigs get along or if you have a cat do cats and guinea pigs get along.

Teeth chattering

These teeth chattering sounds come from your guinea pigs when they are angry, unhappy, or agitated—a common occurrence of teeth chattering sounds when you bring a new piggy into the cage.

The guinea pigs are trying to warn the newcomer not to interfere with their space, and the sounds display hostility.


This purring sound is exceptionally unique and belongs only to guinea pigs.

You won’t mistake it for the purring of cats.

They usually produce these sounds when they are satisfied and happy.

You will hear this purring sound when petting or pampering your guinea pig.

However, they can make this sound when they hear an unrecognizable sound. Thus your interpretation should be based on the situation at hand.


Not all guinea pigs produce these sounds.

It is a form of onomatopoeia, and you won’t ever hear this sound due to its rarity.

Instead, they create this sound when they are satisfied and happy or when you’re gently petting them.

How to stop your guinea pigs from making noise at night

Since you know the sounds your guinea pigs are making and the causes for each, you should be aware of tricks to minimize such sounds so they won’t irritate.

Place fresh water in their dish before sleeping

Sometimes, guinea pigs make noises when they have inadequate water during the night and are thirsty.

It would help if you kept a bowl of clean water before you sleep, which will keep you safe from the whines and growls.

Feed them fresh vegetables

Despite this being ignored by many guinea pig handlers, you must know that piggies can easily contract diseases.

Whether intentional or not, feeding them rotten vegetables will make them ill, and they will whine all night, indicating they’re unwell.


Besides excellent accommodation and a fantastic diet, you must bathe your guinea pigs thoroughly.

They quickly feel irritated by a dirty body which causes a sense of grouse in the piggies.

It would help if you used shampoo regularly to ensure they are spotless and not frustrated by the dirt. And this should help you resolve the question do Guinea pigs smell?

So, are Guinea Pigs Loud at Night?

Getting a new Guineapig to your home will be filled with many questions and experiences.

However, these cute pets are not noisy if you follow the few shared above.

And to make the new change smother for you, it would help to know the different sounds they make to ensure the environment is comfortable for you and your pet.

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