Do Dogs And Guinea Pigs Get Along? 4 Ways To Properly Introduce Them!

The interaction between two pets of different species can be an unpredictable process. Therefore, the most important thing to avoid is rushing and forcing the bond.

The good news is most dogs actually get along with Guinea Pigs despite their natural instinct for hunting.

You just need to properly introduce them teach other and ensure to train you dog how to carefully play with your curvy.

There is a high chance that your dog and guinea pig may get along, especially if they kicked off in the right direction.

However, most dogs have barely seen a guinea pig before.

Therefore, the introduction between the two should be first monitored, timed, and consistent.

The pets should be cautiously treated, even long after they seem to get along.

It is the same case if your wondering do Cats and Guinea pigs get along?

Can Guinea pigs go near dogs?

In the initial stages, it is advisable to keep both the dog and Guinea pig in separate rooms. First learn their personality and habits before intruding them to each other.

When bringing a new pet you your pet, it is good to first keep them away from other pets to help the acclimatise to the new environment.

 Once they are comfortable you can start of the introduction.

Are Guinea pigs scared of dogs barking?

Guinea pigs are classified as prey animals, meaning they get easily scared when threatened.

So for your curvy hearing the barks all day, or a cat poking its paws into the cage can be a very scary experience.

Is guinea pig poo safe for dogs?

Many dogs tend to eat poop of various animals, yes, a very disgusting habit but perfectly safe.

So yes, it is safe for your dog to eat guinea pig poop, just don’t make it a habit.

It is difficult to control what your dog or guinea pig eats and sniffs during the interaction. 

It is surprising to learn that it is entirely safe for your dog to eat guinea pig poop.

Of course, it is not recommended to make it a norm.

But due to your dog’s hygiene concerns, you should avoid normalizing this behavior; however, if it accidentally happens, there is no need to worry. 

Expert research has yet to discover why pigs’ poop can entice dogs to eat it.

Let’s dive in and find out do dogs and Guinea Pigs get along?

The Introduction phase 

The best system to introduce these pets to each other is to use a series of steps. First, allow your dog to see you prepare and witness the building process of the cage.

After the physical arrival of your guinea pig, the interaction should not be immediate.

This enables the guinea to gain confidence, especially after the change of environment.

As for the dog, you can allow him to hang around by the door to help him obtain the smell of the guinea pig.

Try to do this while you distract him with a toy or an activity to prevent extreme reaction of aggressiveness. 

After days of getting used to their scents, you can finally let them see each other.

The critical thing to do here is to control your dog.

Dogs are naturally tensed when meeting or interacting with new humans or animals, so keen observation is essential to ensure the aggressiveness is kept at bay in the early stages.

If your dog behaves well, you can gradually introduce more interaction while still focusing on harmonizing smooth, relaxed behavior. 

Some of the Possibilities to keep in mind

It is, in many cases, an achievable task to enable the two to get along.

However, most dogs have difficulty adapting to living with another pet. Some dog breeds are shy or aggressive, which might dramatically influence their possibility of getting along.

This kind of task requires a lot of patience and determination if it is to be successful.

As the owner of both, you should respect each animal’s reaction and decision regarding the other pet.

A continuous forceful tendency to enable the two to get along might lead to more resistant and extreme reactions. 

Age can be a big factor

Factors that might likely interfere with or determine whether the success of the two getting along are quite a number.

Age is going to be one key factor.

At tender ages, while the puppy is still developing their social skills, he can view the guinea pig as a friend other than prey.

In addition, puppies of breeds with a strong hunting drive may significantly interfere with the process of the two getting along. 

Dog breeds and their temperaments 

From the record, dogs are natural hunters, which is the fundamental reason you cannot assume and let them interact casually with your piggy.

Many specific breeds of dogs are trained to hunt small rodents and thus may be tempted to hurt your guinea pig.

Some particular breeds of dogs are designed and bred for hunting; experts barely recommend them for successful bonding with guinea pigs.

They include:

Pit bulls




Golden receivers

Labrador retrievers

Jack Russell terriers

Illnesses are something to consider

Although this is a rare occurrence, some sicknesses can be transmitted from your guinea to your dog; keen observation is required at this stage.

In cases where any of the two show signs of illness after their interaction, immediate separation is recommended.

Bordetella is a bacteria that can cause respiratory complications.

These bacteria can be passed from guinea pigs to dogs or dogs to guinea pigs. Ringworms can also be transmitted to and from the two pets.

In the case of the above, it is advisable to bring a veterinarian to resolve the disease.  

Body size difference

Their differences in body sizes make it difficult for guinea pigs and dogs to get along.

Due to their playful nature, dogs might engage your guinea pig in a play and unintentionally end up hurting them.

While on the other hand, your guinea pig might be provocative and end up rattling your dog.

Due to their body size difference, guinea pigs are most likely the victims or casualties in case of an incidence.

As an owner of both who is interested in getting them along, you should always be vigilant. 


If during the interaction your dog ever gets nervous, distract but do not harm them.

Please encourage them to associate freely, most likely participating in a similar task.

However, the interaction of dogs and the guinea pigs should be under control and strict monetary by an adult to provide a quick reaction in case the process is not successful.

Due to their bigger physical size, dogs can unintentionally injure your guinea pig.

Even well-trained animals can be unpredictable from time to time.

The following are tips on to protect your guinea pigs from dogs;

Ensure your guinea pig has the best cage. Dogs might attempt to break parts or destroy the cage.

The cage should be kept in a safe place, cavy, quiet, and out of unauthorized access by your dog.

Otherwise, your dog might knock the cage over.

If your guinea pig is out of its cage, you should keep your dog out of the room.

If your dog and guinea pig don’t seem to get along, you should be determined to eliminate the risk of death or injury.

Keeping these animals separately is always advisable and creating an interaction time.

So, do dogs and guinea pigs get along?

Guinea pigs and dogs are not natural friends. It might be difficult for them to get along.

Nevertheless, both animals are very outgoing and enjoy the company of others. If you have a calm dog, you will successfully introduce the two. It is advisable to be cautious and separate your pets if you sense trouble. 

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