How Much Do Guinea Pigs Cost? What to know!

 Are you looking to add a guinea pig to your family? Then you must be wondering how much do Guinea pigs cost?

Well, it is one of the best decisions you are not going to regret.

However, having any pet comes with an acquisition and maintenance cost.

Due to the size difference, the price of guinea pigs is lower compared to other pets.

What you need to know and how much do guinea pigs cost

Guinea pigs are social animals that love to interact; therefore, it is not advisable to cage them alone.

You have the option of getting a Hairless Guinea Pig, Abyssinian Guinea Pig, or the Peruvian Guinea Pig.

The list is endless on the types of guinea pigs you can get.

They are bought from shelters or shops and most sellers happen to be breeders.

Apart from one-time costs like the purchase of the pets, there are other costs that you will have to incur as a guinea pig owner.

The initial Purchase

As you plan to buy these pets, it is essential to note that guinea pigs are kept in pairs.

These particular pairs should be of the same sex to avoid unnecessary breeding.

Because of their natural interaction skills in the wild, they are used to socializing and can get stressed when you keep them on their own.

Sometimes guinea pig owners might have an excess of the pets, which may overwhelm them and their capacity.

And at times they may be forced to give them out for free. 

There are other reasons why guinea pigs may be given for free, but the main ones result from accidental litter.

But it is vital to get a vet to verify if they’re okay to keep.

If it is a relocation case, you should be aware of making suitable, similar or better conditions for your guinea pigs.

Varieties you should expect to get from a breeder

As you start this search, you will notice there are several varieties of guinea pigs.

Buying a baby guinea pig would cost between $25 – 50, depending on the breed.

Breeders ensure continuity of a strict breeding program, where they select the best combinations of species.

The species are as follows with their approximated prizes:

Peruvian guinea pig: $ 40

Abyssinian guinea pig: $ 50

American guinea pig: $ 25

Alpaca guinea pig: $ 45

Check the Supplies cost

 Whenever you find yourself asking how much a guinea pig costs, it is vital to consider these necessities because they facilitate the smooth existence of your guinea pig.  

These items come as a package as they are essential in enabling you as the pet owner to attend to your guinea pig.

Some items include; food bowls, water bottle, hay rack, grass hay, guinea pig pellets, fresh vegetables, guinea pig enclosure, and vitamin C supplement.

Supplies should be pre-ordered before your guinea pigs arrive to give you a chance to clean, disinfect and set up their new leaving space.

The few mentioned supplies should roughly cost $160 – $610.

Healthcare cost is something to keep in mind

Guinea pigs have a relatively low maintenance cost.

However, as a responsible owner, we recommend you set aside medical funds to be used in an emergency. 

Supplements and vitamins should be included in your budget. An average medical budget should be about $500 – $1000.

Check-ups are essential

Check-ups are often advisable once a year.

This check-up entails a keen examination of your guinea pigs to ascertain abnormalities that might be present, a review of the state of their teeth and overall health.

If your guinea pig has ongoing health conditions, they might require more regular visits to a vet.

During your visits this could be a good time to ask questions, like why is my guinea pig sneezing or any other concerns you might have.

Vaccinations could be an option

Although it would be wise to confirm with your vet, the good news is that guinea pigs do not need vaccinations.

But this does not mean you skip the year routine checkup, as this is recommended.

Dental care for good oral health

Dental care is another costly factor, if not constantly and adequately checked, it may lead to Malocclusion caused by overgrown teeth.

Regular check-ups are important for the well-being of your guinea pigs teeth.

Their teeth are in constant growth and at times the developing teeth may wear down.

Insurance is key

As a guinea pig owner, an insurance cover for your guinea pig may be included in the list of essential needs.

Average insurances may cost $50 – $200 depending on the insurance company and what it covers.

Food and vegetables for your pet

Guinea pigs require plenty of food due to their metabolic rate. The overall cost of purchasing a guinea pig should include the budget for food. The hearty foods your guinea pig may require are vegetables, grass hay, and the recommended pellets for guinea pigs.

This is also a good time for you to do extra research on what Guinea pigs should eat or not eat, like find out Can Guinea pigs eat Watermelon?

Proper Environment maintenance

Once the physical structure of the cage is in place, the budget for its maintenance is quite affordable. 

The main expense is the bedding which requires regular cleaning.

These are Prone to get contaminated by poop and regular burrowing. The maintenance cost can cost you an average of $200.

Entertainment to keep them happy

Guinea pigs require plenty of enrichments for entertainment.

These include hideaways and chews. Exposure to a safe space with fresh grass will be an added advantage.

Facilitation of entertainment for the piggies can cost up to $100.

One last thing on how much do guinea pigs cost

Usually, guinea pigs don’t need intense treatment and luxurious treats; they can survive on improvised structures and affordable foods.

Owning and maintaining a guinea pig can cost less than $500 annually after investing in the structures.

Plus, the food and equipment, you might need come in a range of varieties, thus, there is something for every budget.

Beddings and food will be the highest contributors to your expenses.

However, determining how much guinea pigs cost will enquire you to do some extra research in the market.

Try to find the most reasonable prices for acquiring and maintaining your guinea pig.

Despite the varying costs, most of the owners agree the cost is worth spending on these adorable pets.

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