How Much Does A Hamster Cost With All The Supplies? (Plus care Cost)

The question, how much does a hamster cost with all the supplies, is one that any aspiring hamster parent may be dying to know.

Purchasing your cute furball can cost between $5 to $50. But that’s just the upfront cost.

However, there is more other than buying the hamster—such as essential supplies like the cage and bedding.

But making an informed decision involves preparing a comprehensive purchase list to avoid surprises later.

The excellent news is that you have come to the right place, where we break down everything about the hamster cost and other additional expenses to expect. Read on!

How much does a hamster cost? 

It costs anywhere between $5 to $50, depending on whether you purchase it from a private breeder, owner, or pet shop.

It may be free too.

The exact cost may also have to do with the species you want.

These cute mammals are becoming a favorite pet for many by the day. And who could turn down these adorable, tiny creatures that can’t hurt a fly?

They are so small to fit in your hands effortlessly, and their calm and friendly personality is a plus.

Moreover, they are perfect for adults as they are for kids. Are you looking forward to adding a sense of warmth and a companion to your life?

A hamster could be a great solution. So, how much is a hamster? Let’s dive into what you should know…

How much is a hamster? 

The free hamster

This may be the best choice if you are eyeing affordability without sacrificing your wish for a furball.

However, it’s easier said than done, as it involves finding someone who would like to rehome their hamster.

This often results in kids tired of caring for their now-boring pet. As such, parents gift it to a home where they can receive better care.

The advantage of this choice is that you may not need to buy the cage and a few other supplies. 

From a private breeder

The private breeder option costs between $5 to $20. But you will be lucky if you will get any freebies.

Unless the breeder is kind enough to offer a small bag of food as a starter pack, the hamster will come as it is.

The variation in this cost depends on the type of hamster, markings, and mutation.

It is also crucial to note that the prices will vary from one breeder to another, so you can compare before making a final decision.

Still, these are specialized pet experts and are probably worth every dollar. 

From the pet store

There are pet stores that specialize in critters. You may spend anywhere between $5 to $23.

This is also a perfect place to find out how much does a hamster cost at Petco.

Besides, a pet store is likely to have a wide variety of choices, from size, age, species, and gender.

The Syrian hamster is often the most affordable at $5 to $10, the Dwarf and Chinese hamsters cost between $5 to $20, and the Teddy bear hamsters are the fanciest of them all, costing up to $23. 


If you are wondering, how much does A hamster cost with all the supplies when adopted?

Expect to part with approximately $5 to $50. $45 is undoubtedly a huge difference, depending on the hamster type, age, and what’s incorporated in the purchase.

This could be a cage or food.

You can also adopt a hamster from a local rescue group. While most worry about the wellness and health of such pets, vets typically perform health examinations in advance. 

Let’s find out How Much Does A Hamster Cost With All The Supplies? 

This may squarely rest on how extravagant you want to go for your newest addition to the family, ranging from $50 to $140.

Your pet’s housing will be more costly than any other items on your list.

Always opt for a size ideal for your pet. One that’s easy to clean will save you trouble during your cage cleaning routines.

Apart from food and bedding, other supplies are one-time purchases that serve you until they lose their functionality or wear out.

They include toys, exercise balls, wheels, a water bottle, and a food bowl. The followings are the supplies and their estimated costs.


Since it’s a one-time purchase, it may be worthwhile to go big.

There are varying choices, from high-rise dual tanks, plastic hamster habitats, single cages, and two-story hamster hutches.

The cheapest can cost $10, with some costing up to $40; it depends on the available space and what your hamster can work with. 

Food dish and water bottle

While a ceramic food dish is an excellent option since your furball can’t topple over or chew it, you can spend as little as $2 for the most affordable choice.

The water bottle will cost around $5 to $20. 

Wheel, exercise ball, and toys

Generally, hamsters are an active lot with the energy to burn out.

If you didn’t keep up with all the activity, securing a wheel, an exercise ball, and toys would do you and your playful hamster the greater good.

They cost approximately $10, $6 to $14, and $2 to $20, respectively. 


Regarding how much is a hamster, it’s probably a good idea to contemplate your food expenses as this will reoccur.

Hamster pellets should make up most of your pet’s food. And this is not just any pellets, but high-quality, well-balanced pellets or dry food mixes.

Opting for quality food saves you future trips to the vet and fosters a happy and healthy pet.

Being omnivores, your furry baby will also need fresh veggies and fruits.

Choose from cantaloupe, strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, and more that are safe for your hamster to eat—and talking of food.

 It might be a perfect time to research and find out if can hamsters eat bananas.

However, each time you purchase your food supplies, you can spend $5 to $10. 

How much do hamsters cost annually? 

It’s no doubt that hamsters are attractive pets because of their inexpensiveness compared to cats and dogs.

While this is true, it’s best to get down to the facts.

The annual cost of hamster ownership varies from $400 to $600 for food, bedding replacements, and keeping up with your vet visits.

How much do hamsters cost for health care?

This can vary from $30 to $300 yearly. It only gets costly during emergencies or when your furry friend develops serious health issues, needing X-rays and special care. 

This should be removed from your worry list if you give the best care, including providing a well-balanced diet, exercise, and adequate water.

Additionally, there are precautionary and essential checkups costing $35 per year. This helps you and your vet discover any issues developing for the best treatment and higher chances of full recovery.

Dental care is also crucial; it costs $25 annually to buy filers, wooden toys, and other material that maintains their teeth’ length.

This enables them to file their teeth by simply chewing them away.

Last but not least is parasite treatment, costing $35 to $100 a year. Your hamster can get into contact with parasites.

While there are apparent parasitic signs, your vet may unearth the issue during one of the checkups. 

So, How Much Does A Hamster Cost With All The Supplies? 

We have tried to answer the question comprehensively.

Hamsters can cost anywhere between $5 to $50, depending on the species, age, and where you buy them from.

The long-term ownership costs are also crucial and range from food to health care expenses. Either way, hamsters are one of the most affordable pets you can own.

Did we say they are cute too?

Moreover, they only require a little attention if you supply them with their needed diet and maintain a clean and comfortable cage. 

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