Why Is My Guinea Pig Sneezing? Is This Normal?

Guinea pigs, or cavies, are the first pets many children get, especially the hairless guinea pig.

They are inexpensive and easy to handle.

But why is my Guinea pig sneezing, is the big quation.

Sneezing is very normal just like as humans. if you notice they sneeze two to four times in a day, this is perfectly normal. But anything more than that might need some attention.

What’s more, they can be handled by just about anyone, as they have very little odour and don’t bite.

But you might be asking yourself why is my Guinea pig sneezing?

Just like any pet they need to stay in a clean environment.

You will also need to ensure that they are fed well by giving them a balanced diet of hay, vegetables and food pellets each day.

But are you curios to find out can Guinea pigs eat watermelon, we have a little info on that.

It is important to note, Guinea pigs are susceptible to pollutants, humidity, and barometric pressure changes; thus, you will notice occasional guinea pig sneezing.

What can I Do If My Guinea Pig is always Sneezing?

If your guinea pig is sneezing, you may be able to help them by keeping them dry.

Also cleaning their cage and bedding materials, feeding them quality hay, and avoiding dusty bedding materials.

Avoid using pine or cedar shavings as bedding material because they are high in aromatic hydrocarbons, which are allergenic in rodents.

A few Essential Tips To Look Out For

Housing For Your Guinea Pigs

It is vital to keep your pet guinea pig clean and dry; the flooring of their cage should be hay or straw, which you may change every few days.

Hay and straw are essential because they absorb urine and feces, check out some of the guinea pigs mistakes you should avoid.

Change the hay and straw every few days and remove all of the wet or soiled bedding as this could cause an infection inside their body.

Make sure you remove any droppings from inside their house and on top of it.

Ensuring The Health Of Guinea Pigs

A well-cared-for guinea pig life expectancy of 8 to 10 years.

The average diet for the guinea pig consists of grass hay and pellets explicitly made for them. The hay is crucial to their diet as they eat when grazing on grasses out in the wild.

Pellets are high in protein and will give your Guinea Pig the energy it needs to live a long and healthy life.

Ensure that they are always kept in a warm, clean home and fed the right kind of food. You also have to get regular checks on their health from a vet.

Health Issues With Guinea Pigs

If you don’t ensure that your guinea pig has a warm place to live and enough food, he will probably get ill.

They might contract infections or react to allergens, causing you to ask, “Why is my guinea pig sneezing”.

However, other causes of illness in guinea pigs, like mites or worms.

Thus, book an appointment and take your guinea pig to see a vet for treatment in these cases.

Guinea pigs can become ill quickly, and without warning.

Therefore, start treatment as soon as possible, to avoid asking yourself the daunting question, how long do Guinea Pigs live?

You need to know what treatments are available and where you can go for help if needed.

Why Is My Guinea Pig Sneezing?

Sneezing is common for guinea pigs, and it’s not a big deal.

If the guinea pig is sneezing, don’t worry; just clean your house to remove dust, and you’re good to go.

However, if the guinea pig makes snick sounds or breathes heavily, it could be a sign of pneumonia.

But there are several treatments for Guinea pigs with pneumonia, just ensure to seek professional help.

When sneezing results from pneumonia or another respiratory issue, the guinea pig will get fragile—the chances of death increase when they contract respiratory illnesses.

Sneezing In Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig sneezing is pretty standard. The more common reason for sneezing is a reaction to dust, hay, or other things.

You don’t have to worry about it as long as they are sneezing every once in a while.

Treatment is unnecessary, but if the sneezing continues day after day, they may have a respiratory issue and need to be treated with antibiotics.

Are You curious Why Is My Guinea Pig Sneezing? See How To Protect Them

Recognising guinea pig sneezing and knowing what causes it can help you take care of your pet better and keep them healthy.

The best way to avoid respiratory problems is to make sure the guinea pig has enough fresh hay, as guinea pigs produce a great deal of dust by munching on the hay.

Another good way on how to avoid respiratory problems in Guinea Pigs is to spot the signs as early as possible: sneezing and snick sound.

These could be signs of a respiratory problem, so you should take the pet to a vet immediately.

Treatment For Respiratory Infections In Cavy

If your guinea pig is sneezing a lot, you should take him to the vet.

The vet will check your guinea pig’s nasal passage and lungs for any sign of infection then prescribe appropriate treatment.

The treatment may include antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and fluids administered by the veterinarian.

The vet will also need to check how the animal’s heart functions.

If the animal has fluid in his lungs, he will need fluids given intravenously to keep his blood pressure at an acceptable level.

FAQS About Guinea Pig Sneezing

Many people, pet owners, and farmers have varied questions on why my guinea pig is sneezing.

But it is not something to worry about, and you can make it easy for your guinea pigs by changing hay often.

Let’s look at the most common questions about sneezing in guinea pigs.

Is Guinea Pig Sneezing Normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. Guinea pigs do sneeze from time to time.

They tend to sneeze when they are exposed to dust or other particles.

If you see your guinea pig sneezing, it is best to change their environment by putting them in less dusty hay or cleaning their cage daily.

If it’s just sneezing occasionally, then chances are there’s nothing wrong at all, and your pet is probably fine.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Keep Sneezing frequently?

A common cause of sneezing in guinea pigs is allergies.

Allergies can cause sneezing, sniffling, coughing and wheezing. Your guinea pig’s cage must be clean and dry; otherwise, they’ll develop an upper respiratory infection.

You can manage guinea pig sneezing due to allergies by making changes in your guinea pig’s environment and diet.

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Has A Respiratory Infection?

Guinea pigs are susceptible to respiratory infections (also known as snuffles).

These are characterised by symptoms like difficulty and rapid breathing, lethargy, lack of appetite, discharge from the eyes and nostrils, coughing, and sneezing.

Ensure to act if you suspect your cavy is suffering from a respiratory infection, and it is crucial to be aware of the signs and symptoms.

Also, isolate your sick guinea pig and newly bought guinea pigs from other animals you might have, as they can also be carriers of these infections.

Keep Your Guinea Pigs Healthy

Guinea pigs are cute, cuddly, and fun creatures to have as pets.

They are very curious and love to explore. If you get to wonder, “Why is my guinea pig sneezing” fret not, they do get colds, and they do sneeze occasionally.

If your guinea pig is sneezing, you should immediately take them to the vet.

Your veterinarian will be able to tell you more about treatment options, depending on the type of infection and severity of symptoms.

Ensure to provide them with a clean and safe environment, and you will enjoy an exciting cavy rearing experience.

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