Do Guinea Pigs Smell? How To Reduce The Stench!

It is a question that many pet owners have been struggling with for a long time. Do guinea pigs smell?

Well, the answer to that question, as evident as it sounds, is no. Guinea pigs are very clean pets that know how to look after themselves well.

Sometimes they might give off some odor, but they shouldn’t emanate a stench. However, similar to other domesticated animals, they will start smelling bad if they live in a dirty environment or are given the wrong foods.

And at times the dirty environment might be a trigger for health issues, which you will start wondering, like why is my Guinea Pig sneezing?

In the article that follows, we will examine some of the reasons why guinea pigs smell.

We hope to help pet owners understand what they are expected to stop guinea pigs from giving off a lousy odor.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a Guinea pig?

There are some simple tips you could try and keep your home smelling nice and fresh. First and foremost, ensure the cage is kept clean.

 Follow up with using an air purifier, changing the air filters in your house frequently and consider getting a bigger cage from your curvy.

How do I get rid of Guinea Pig smell?

Ensure you are cleaning the cage frequently.

Like scooping out the cage daily, try give your curvy a bath at least every six months or when you notice the smell and try brush out her fur each day.

Are Guinea pigs smelly pets?

A Guinea Pig does not naturally emit any odor.

These cute little pets are actually very clean, so if you find anything smelling this could be their cage.

Why guinea pigs smell and steps you can take to minimize odors

As mentioned above, guinea pigs are super clean pets that do not usually give off a stench.

However, when the living conditions are poor or when they eat foods they shouldn’t eat, like can Guinea pigs eat strawberries these adorable creatures can let off a very uncomfortable stink.

Besides, guinea pigs can also start smelling due to diseases and, if they happen, are poorly groomed.

Observe proper Guinea pig cage maintenance

Many are times when the guinea pig is not the source of the stench.

They almost always clean after themselves and observe excellent grooming. They will also need some extra grooming from you.

However, the stench might be coming from soiled beddings in the cage, fecal excretions, or feed remainders.

If you happen to get a strong whiff from your piggy, you should consider giving the cage a thorough wash.

Here are some vital practices you should consider observing to keep your guinea pig’s cage clean and fresh.


If you keep a guinea pig as a pet, you will find it wise to shop for excellent quality material that absorbs most moisture, is smell resistant, has a lot of comforts, and contains no toxins.

Furthermore, other good choices include beddings made from aspen, cloth, and fleece.

If you are impressed by aspen or paper, you should go for the best dust-free quality.

You will realize it is essential to avoid pine shavings, straw, newspapers, and cedar because these can lead to serious health concerns for your guinea pig.

It is not enough to have high-quality beddings for your guinea pig’s cage.

If you want to keep the lousy scent away, you should consider regularly changing the beddings for your pet.

The frequency of the changes will depend on the total number of guinea pigs that you keep in your household.

If the cage hosts multiple piggies, it is wise to replace the beddings more frequently. For most people, this is usually every two to three days.


If you happen to keep a guinea pig in your home, you must have observed that they pee a lot.

To minimize the stink, you must undertake a thorough cleaning exercise daily to remove the poop, dirty beddings, and uneaten food.

Being always aware of the daily mess of your guinea pig’s cage will leave it with a better scent for more extended periods.

You will realize it is vital to conduct a deep cleaning exercise once every week to keep the foul smell at bay.

This will involve removing all the food troughs, changing the beddings, water bottles, tents, and toys.

You must consider spraying the cage with pet-friendly disinfectant and rinse the pet accessories with hot water.

This will be primarily helpful in getting rid of harmful bacteria.

You should replace the food bowls, fresh beddings, and other hutch essentials when you are through.

Balanced Diet

The poop is a huge indicator of the type of diet that your guinea pig is getting.

If your adorable pet is getting plenty of water, fiber (fruits and vegetables), its fecal discharge should have an oval shape with no smell and not too soft. 

If the diet is wrong, the poop’s condition will be inconsistent in form and smell.

In addition to that, a bad diet might even result in urinary tract infections which causes ascent in the guinea pig’s wee.

Some of the best foods you should give your guinea pig include:

Hay or grass

This should be the main feature of your guinea pig’s diet.

It helps in a smooth digestion process and keeps the teeth short and healthy.


Your piggy’s diet should include these specially-made nuggets.

Most of them contain Vitamin C and other vital nutrients for the overall health of your guinea pig.

Fresh vegetables

At least a tenth of your guinea pig’s diet should include vegetables which provide essential minerals required by the body.


Guinea pigs relish the fruit.

However, these usually have high sugar content, and thus you should limit the quantity, maybe once a week as a treat.

So can Guinea pigs eat watermelon?

Foods you should avoid

Giving your guinea pig the wrong food can create chaos in their digestive tract since they cannot process it. Some of these include:


Guinea pigs are considered herbivores, and therefore they should never be fed any meat. They do not have the necessary digestive enzymes to process meat.

Cooked food

You will realize it is essential to steer clear of any food that has been cooked or processed in a factory. This could prove to be harmful to your guinea pig.


You will find it vital to avoid avocadoes because they have harmful toxins, especially in their skin.

Furthermore, the flesh of avocado contains excess amounts of fat, which will harm your guinea pig.

Dairy and juice

Guinea pigs have a sensitive stomach that can be ruined by cheese, milk, or yogurt.

The only fluid that your piggy should drink is water. Avoid juice and other substances such as garlic.

Grooming your guinea pig

Even though guinea pigs put a lot of effort into grooming themselves, there are situations that you will have to step in.

Your piggies need help with brushing their fur, and also you should regularly wash them with soap and water.

So how bad do Guinea Pigs Smell?

As you can see not that bad with a little extra care.

Above are some main reasons your guinea pig might be emitting a bad smell.

For a smooth stay with your Guinea pig and still enjoy the fresh air in your home it is advisable to follow the tips discussed to ensure that your guinea pig always smells fresh.

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